Monday, August 9, 2010

Think in three dimensions

Today is the big day, the day 3D Grid is created. So what are the features and what should you expect to see on this blog?

3D Grid is a blog dedicated to the world of modelling, animating and texturing in three dimensions.
It is a blog where you will find the latest news about all your favourite 3d graphics applications such as Maya, 3DsMax, Blender, Houdini etc. and also read some tutorials, where we will follow almost step-by-step the creation of a certain model or animation.

While we are currently just at the start of the journey, expect to see here in the near future a large database of all the things you care about most when it comes to 3d applications. The layout will be worked on to keep-up with the continuing flow of information which will be posted here, hopefully, on a daily basis.

As a first project, aside from the usual industry news, a new tutorial series will soon start. In this new series I will try to show you how to start modeling a ship (actually more ships :)). But it's not just any ship.
Seeing and reading on the web many requests for building Star Wars ships, the 3D Grid tutorial series will begin with a Star Destroyer. Yes, an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The tutorial will be made using Blender, but if you are using another software, don't worry at all! This is because the workflow is generally the same for all applications, especially in the first stages of the modelling process.

So get ready for the first part of the tutorial where we will talk about the basic settings, the first steps to make and actually start doing some modelling!

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