Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grid Tutorials Chapter 2 - Building a boat - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the "Building a boat".

Chapter 2 - Building a polygon boat
Part 3 - Tubes and cylinders

When you're on a boat which is sailing in dangerous waters, safety is very important. That's why in this third part we're going to create some safety bars on the edge of the deck.

A bar can be modeled very easily by using tubes or cylinders. If you've got this far, you already know how to create a cylinder, how to change its size, length and how to rotate it.

This is the link to the video tutorial of part 3 -

It's all about tubes and cylinders now. Create a new object then start rotating, scaling and translating it, just like in the video. There aren't too many things to write about this time, as most of the operations you need to do are shown in the video tutorial above.

You should get four of these bars to follow the outline of the boat's deck. But do not extrude or connect them yet, as this will be covered in the next part of the tutorial. Also make two other bars, one for the front and one for the bottom of the ship.

Always change views. The top vies of the model will easily help you place the bars on the deck's outline, while the side view will help you adjust their height. If you're paying attention to the video there shouldn't be any problems.

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