Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grid Tutorials Chapter 2 - Building a boat - Part 5

Welcome to part 5 of the "Building a boat" tutorial.

Chapter 2 - Building a polygon boat
Part 5 - The steam horn

Finally we're going to finish working on the connections between the tubes. We're almost at the end, but there are some other elements that need to be added to our boat.

This is the link to the video tutorial of part 5 -

If you remember what I said about instead of selecting 4 vertices to create faces between the bars you should select two edges, this video shows you how. So we're done with those bars and it's time to move on.

The steam horn will be placed on top of the cabin's roof and will be the spot from where steam (what else) is evacuated. It is build out of a simple tube. But that's not all. In this video you'll see the "knife" tool for the first time. Select it, go to the side view of the tube and draw the white line (while in wireframe mode), just like shown in the video. Delete the upper faces, the use a neat tool Blender offers: the subdivision surface.What it does is basically increases the thickness of the inner walls of the horn.

Scale and move the new object and place it on the roof. That wasn't so hard after all :P
See you in part 6, which is the final part of this tutorial.

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