Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grid Tutorials Chapter 2 - Building a boat - Part 6

Welcome to the sixth and final part of the "Building a boat" tutorial.

Chapter 2 - Building a polygon boat
Part 6 - The big finale

You're almost done with modelling your boat. But, as always, some new things have to be added before we can take a alook at the final product.

This is the link to the video tutorial of part 6 -

If you've followed the tutorial so far, your boat should be almost done. But we still need the classic life buoy a post and a stairway to the cargo bay.

The life buoy is made out of a circle at first, which you will extrude and immediately scale inwards, like in the video. Select the newly created faces and extrude them upwards, till you get the desired height.
The next tool which will be used can be found in any other 3d application. In Blender 2.53 it's called a subdivision surface (or subsurf).

The stairway is made out of a cube. Remove one of the faces, then sale it accordingly, just like in the video and place it on the deck, in front of the cabin.
The post is made out a cylinder, just like the safety bars on the sides. Just extrude it, like it's shown in the video, then place in in the front of the deck, just behind the stairway.

At the end of the video, you will see the rendered model of the boat. It took us long to get here, but with a little bit of practice, you can actually finish it in less than an hour.
I hope that this tutorial was useful and that you've learned something from it. If something doesn't work right the first time, don't worry. Keep practicing and you'll see that the results will get better and better :)

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